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Wireless Internet Services

Corporate Internet ISP Provider for the South California offers Fixed Wireless Connectivity is an Internet service which gives you an “always on”, lightning fast Wireless Internet connection.

However instead of using a phone line or cable, Corporate Internet uses carrier grade radio technology to connect your business.

Corporate Internet gives you freedom! You are not locked into any unfair or lengthy contract meaning you won’t be paying for outdated technologies or high fees years after you connect. With Corporate Internet you’re free to switch from plan to plan as you see fit, without a contract maintaining wireless internet connectivity at all time!

Because we are a local, independent, privately owned telecommunications company, we are able to deploy broadband in a flexible way to areas which have in the past not been able to receive internet at all from other providers offering DSL, T1, Ethernet,  Fiber Optic or Cable Internet.

Service               Speed           Contract        Description                                                              
AirFiber 1.5 1.5 Mbps Max Download Month to Month / or Yearly Business needing a reliable Internet connection with up to 2 employees with internet access.
AirFiber 3.0 3 Mbps Max Download Month to Month / or Yearly  Business needing a reliable Internet connection with up to 3-4 employees with internet access.
AirFiber 5.0 5 Mbps Max Download Month to Month / or Yearly  Business needing a reliable Internet connection with 5-8 employees with Internet access.
AirFiber 10.0 10 Mbps Max Download Month to Month / or Yearly  Business needing a reliable Internet connection with 10 employees with Internet access.
AirFiber 14.0 14 Mbps Max Download Month to Month / or Yearly  Business needing a reliable Internet connection with up to 10-15 employees with Internet access.
AirFiber 20.0 20 Mbps Max Download Month to Month / or Yearly  Dedicated Internet connection for business with heavy data traffic.


Air Fiber Speeds from 20 to 1000 Mbps fixed wireless are also available upon request

For temporary internet events services please visit the page “Events Internet Services

Use our connectivity as a primary or secondary (Backup) for your business access.

Whether you want to increase application performance, improve business continuity, or enhance the way your people and customers share information, our Business Internet offers guaranteed performance with flexibility and control.

Wireless Internet Services Coverage Map

Key deliverable s in our Business Internet include (depending on your customized plan):

  • Business-grade performance
  • High quality support
  • Uncapped & Unlimited Plans
  • Speed range from Ethernet 3 MB to 1 Gbps
  • Fastest routing to ensure internet performance
  • Option to have multiple Internet providers to guarantee up time
  • Low latency and high throughput at all times
  • High 99.9% availability
  • Central managed
  • SSL VPN, Secure Encryption
  • Ability to provide access to SIP soft phones and H323 Video sessions

Additional optional services available include:

  • Managed Firewall
  • Additional IP Addresses
  • Managed complex firewall solutions
  • Anti virus /Anti spam solutions
  • Business E-mail and Web hosting
  • Data Center Services

How it works?

We have a range of antennas that are used to provide service. It will depend upon your particular requirements as to which antenna we use. Our largest antenna is about the size of a satellite dish. A typical rooftop installation takes 1 to 3 hours to complete.

If you don’t have line of sight to one of our transmission towers, we can mount the antenna near your building along a fence line and run a cable back, or install it on a powered shed and run a small radio link back to your router. We are very diverse in how we can deliver service to you. For the extra work and equipment required we may need to charge for a creative installation.

If you are located in an area where a number of buildings cannot get internet services, and there is enough demand from other neighbors, we may even be able to setup a relay transmitter on a nearby location, that links to one of our existing transmission towers.

How is the broadband service delivered?
We use our own radio network with multiple transmitters towers connected to our “Fiber Optic Backbone” network.. A radio on your roof will receive a signal from telecommunication towers.

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