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Corporate Internet can assist accommodation owners to generate incremental revenue from distributing internet services to their tenants. This achieved by working with the partner to promote competitive internet services to tenants. Competitive internet services include: fast broadband speeds, priced well against local alternative, easy access, no contracts or access fees.

Summary of Corporate Internet Benefits

signal Real Estate Real Estate signalRevenue Sharing: Maximize share of revenue through Corporate Internet’ high margin services.
Attractive Plans: Fast, competitively priced plans with no contracts designed to win all   tenants.
Direct Support: Tenants supported directly by Corporate Internet help desk.
No Administration: Corporate Internet manages all tech support, account billing, collections, and revenue sharing payments.
Easy Connection: Offers plug-and-play connection to tenants.
Reliability: Central Network Operations monitors end-to-end connectivity.
Security: All traffic transmitted using industry standard encryption techniques.

We also provide plans that will allow you to offer “Free” internet services to your tenants for a fixed flat fee.

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