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Rancho Cucamonga Internet Services

Rancho Cucamonga Internet Services provided by Corp Internet, a wireless ISP provider and the leading challenger in the telecommunications market serving metropolitan areas including:

Wireless Internet Solutions

Rancho Cucamonga Internet Services Rancho cucamonga internet services Rancho Cucamonga Internet Services internet services 3Corporate Internet provide broadband wireless internet connections wherever traditional ADSL, cable or satellite services are either unavailable or uncompetitive.

Corporate Internet networks demand low-cost but highly-reliable equipment to provide “xDSL equivalence” of service with upgrade path for modern services demanding Quality of Service (QoS) such as VOIP, VOD and IPTV.

Corporate Internet networks typically use licensed 3.5GHz or unlicensed 2.4 or 5.3/5.8GHz frequencies to provide connectivity both to end-users and for the back-haul network. Additionally, FSO links may be used in the network for short-range, high capacity links.

In comparison with existing solutions Corporate Internet provides high-capacity, highly reliable and rich-feature-set wireless products with high levels of integration and low cost of ownership. Extended frequency ranges of 2.3-2.5 and 4.9-6.1GHz are available.

Corporate Internet products offer up to Gigabit capacity, low costs, advanced feature-set compared to existing radio offerings and are installed in hours, not weeks.

Rancho Cucamonga Internet Services

If you are looking for an ISP provider that offer’s internet services in Rancho Cucamonga California in between the Zip Codes 91701, 91729, 91730, 91737, 91739 we at Corp Internet can offer high speed connectivity to an affordable price.


Rancho Cucamonga, California Zip Codes 91701, 91729, 91730, 91737, 91739

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