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internet hotspots Internet HotSpots Internet HotSpots internet temporary eventsAre you looking for a WiFi solution that:

  • Gives your customers exactly what they want?              
  • Gives you new revenue streams and promotional platforms?
  • AND dramatically reduces your operational costs
  • Corporate Internet HotSpots is the answer for you!

Corporate Internet HotSpots offers you a complete, intelligent, flexible WiFi system HotSpot.

Whether you want to install a new system, convert or partially upgrade your current WiFi hotspot network, Corporate Internet HotSpots will provide you with a reliable, self-checking, fully monitored system with built-in future capabilities.

Better For Your Customers

Your customers have access to a consistent, easy to use WiFi service either in-room for one or more laptops, smart devices and mobile phones or for use at your premises.

With Corporate Internet HotSpots you choose the service level tiers you want to provide for your customers, from free of charge levels through to fee based options with charges varied according to time spent and/or access speed selected. Payment options include vouchers, credit card and PayPal.

Better For Your Business

You achieve 100% of revenue generated plus the piece of mind that only a fully backed service and maintenance platform can bring.

With Corporate Internet HotSpots you can gain additional revenue streams through Wireless Billboards advertising from your splash page and *URL.redirecting or customize these pages to promote your own business and special offers.(The page that automatically displays after the splash page login)

You will enjoy the benefits of Corporate Internet HotSpots fully monitored network 24/7 with an hourly self-check and alert system keeping us informed of data usage and functionality. Our technicians are always on hand to deal with any problem and can work with you to control access by setting usage caps or blocks on specific users or devices.

With Corporate Internet HotSpots you can tailor your service and maintenance package to suit the exact needs of your business.

As your business expands and technology develops Corporate Internet HotSpots ensures that your flexible system is ready to adapt whenever you want to introduce new services.

Contact Corporate Internet today to find out more about a WiFi system that’s better for your customers AND better for your business.

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