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phone_email hosted ip pbx Hosted IP PBX phone emailWhat is a Hosted PBX System?
A hosted PBX is a VOIP PBX system that sits in the cloud. It provides your business with all of the features of a regular PBX system without the need to have a big box sitting on your office wall. You get flexibility, cost savings and the redundancy of the cloud without the need to invest in any equipment other then phone handsets on your end. Why is this a good thing?

It makes everything easier.
Taking the PBX away from your office and putting it in our cloud makes life a lot easier for you and your I.T. department. Depending on the plan you choose you either get an easy to use web interface to configure your VOIP Hosted PBX on the web or you can sit back, relax and get our technical guys to configure and manage the whole thing for you.
It gives you heaps more features

Get all of the features that your competitors use for 1/2 the cost. By having your PBX in the cloud you get use of hold music, queues, menu systems (IVRs), parking lots and can have staff working remotely using a phone on their regular internet connection whilst all on the same Hosted PBX.

It gives you lower costs
Having a Hosted PBX gives you major cost savings. The cost of a PBX in the cloud gives is typically 1/2 of most regular phone systems. Additionally your call costs and line costs will be cheaper across the board.

It can grow with your business
A Hosted PBX can grow from 1 to 1000 employee’s without the need to make any changes to the PBX itself. All you have to do is add another handset to your office and it can be brought online within minutes. There is no need to worry about having a tech reconfigure the whole system or do any on-site work. Its plug and play.

Call Quality and reach
Even though your moving to the cloud you don’t need to worry about call quality. Your system will be just as reliable and sound just as good as any regular phone service when compared to VOIP.

Keep your phone numbers
We know that phone number you have had for years is really important to your business, so why not bring it into the cloud with you. We can port your number directly onto your Hosted PBX so it works and sounds like it did before. Its a quick and painless process.

Here is a list below of what is included with a Hosted PBX:
-A Full Scale PBX system for your business.
-From 2 handsets to over 1,000 handsets.
-Voice Menus. Also called: Interactive Voice Response ( IVR )
( i,e. Press: 1 for Sales, 2 for Support, Etc. )
-On-Hold Music.
-While your customers and clients are waiting for assistance.
-Full Scale Conference Functionality.
-Includes conference rooms. Allowing a few, or as many participants as required.

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