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Clear Wire Wireless Internet Alternative

Clear Wire Wireless Internet Alternative clear wire wireless internet alternative Clear Wire Wireless Internet Alternative clear wirelessCorporate Internet is a Clear Wire Wireless Internet Alternative offering fast internet services where no other providers can reach with high speeds.

Corporate internet Clear Wire Wireless Internet Alternative connectivity does not limit your monthly bandwidth, your BANDWIDTH IS UNLIMITED!, no fine prints, no hidden contracts.

Clearwire is ending services for subscribers in November 6 of 2015

A message from Clearwire
Important Message: We’d like to remind our customers that their CLEAR and Clearwire services and devices will stop working permanently on November 6, 2015 at 12:01AM Eastern Standard time. You can find additional information by clicking here. To learn about possible offers for our CLEAR and Clearwire customers, please contact us at 888.888.3113. If you currently subscribe to CLEAR or Clearwire digital voice (VoIP) service and are planning to transfer your phone number, please be sure to contact your new provider to find out how much time it will take to process your transfer. If you choose not to migrate your service by November 6, 2015 at 12:01AM Eastern Standard time, your digital voice account will be cancelled so that you will no longer be billed, and you may lose your digital voice phone number after that date. We sincerely thank you for being a loyal customer and for choosing us as your provider. (Source :

Clearwire marketed access to WiMAX as a wireless home and business broadband solution. WiMAX was often promoted as a longer distance alternative to Wi-Fi, capable of high speeds.

Sprint and Clearwire’s network was never built out sufficiently to provide nationwide coverage, and because it relied on very high frequencies, even customers inside claimed service areas often dealt with reception problems, especially indoors. Clearwire’s home broadband replacement often required reception equipment be placed near a window, preferably one without a thermal coating that could block or degrade the signal.

As soon as Sprint and Clearwire added a significant number of customers to the network, speeds deteriorated. Neither company invested enough in upgrades to keep up with demand. Instead, Clearwire’s home broadband customers, originally promised unlimited service, were routinely speed throttled for “excessive use.”

Sprint expects to decommission at least 6,000 of its 17,000 cell sites. Another 5,000 of those sites have already gotten TD-LTE technology, a part of Sprint’s broader LTE network upgrade. Sprint will combine its FDD-LTE network in its 800MHz and 1.9GHz spectrum with a TD-LTE network in its 2.5GHz spectrum.

We first warned about the end of days coming to Sprint’s former flagship 4G network last July, and again in October, but some customers of Sprint subsidiary Clear were still caught off guard yesterday to receive a formal legal notice email letting them know that their dearly loved unlimited data plans were going away – effective 12:01AM EST on November 6th, 2015.

Local customers looking for a Clear Wire Wireless Internet Alternative are approaching Corp internet very fast, but due the high demand some new customers sites installation could wait up two days to provision. Corporate Internet is doing all possible efforts to provision new customers i shorter timeframe

Corporate Internet ISP Provider for the South California offers Fixed Wireless Connectivity is an Internet service which gives you an “always on”, lightning fast Wireless Internet connection became the popular Clear Wire Wireless Internet Alternative for the south California serving the inland empire and surrounding areas

However instead of using a phone line or cable, Corporate Internet uses carrier grade radio technology to connect your business.

Corporate Internet gives you freedom! You are not locked into any unfair or lengthy contract meaning you won’t be paying for outdated technologies or high fees years after you connect. With Corporate Internet you’re free to switch from plan to plan as you see fit, without a contract maintaining wireless internet connectivity at all time!

Because we are a local, independent, privately owned telecommunications company, we are able to deploy broadband in a flexible way to wide areas making us the local Clear Wire Wireless Internet Alternative  serving customers which have in the past not been able to receive internet at all from other providers offering DSL, T1, Ethernet,  Fiber Optic or Cable Internet.

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