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Corporate Internet

For more information about the services that Corporate Internet can offer you, please contact us today! Some of our services at Corporate Internet are: Fixed Wireless connectivity is an Internet service which gives you an “always on”, lightning fast Internet connection. However instead of using a phone line or cable, Corporate Internet uses Microwave radio technology to…

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Air Fiber Microwave FAQs

How is the broadband service delivered?We use our own radio network with multiple transmitters towers connected to our “Fiber Optic Backbone” network.. A radio on your roof will receive a signal from telecommunication towers. How are the weather conditions affecting the internet connectivity? Our microwave network operates on frequencies that usually are not affected by heavy rains, winds,…

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Equipment we use

We have a range of antennas that are used to provide service. It will depend upon your particular requirements as to which antenna we use. Our largest antenna is about the size of a satellite dish. A typical rooftop installation takes 1 to 3 hours to complete. If you don’t have line of sight to one of…

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Ontario Airport Internet Access

Corporate Internet has established a secure wide microwave connectivity throughout the Ontario Airport zone including its hangars, Jet operations and maintenance zone. Corporate Internet, a California based company has planned and deployed the microwave connectivity in order to offer direct link of encrypted connectivity and internet access when other providers were not able to offer…

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Clear Wire Wireless Internet Alternative

Corporate Internet is a Clear Wire Wireless Internet Alternative offering fast internet services where no other providers can reach with high speeds. Corporate internet Clear Wire Wireless Internet Alternative connectivity does not limit your monthly bandwidth, your BANDWIDTH IS UNLIMITED!, no fine prints, no hidden contracts. Clearwire is ending services for subscribers in November 6 of 2015…

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Rancho Cucamonga Internet Services

Rancho Cucamonga Internet Services provided by Corp Internet, a wireless ISP provider and the leading challenger in the telecommunications market serving metropolitan areas including: Wireless Internet Solutions Corporate Internet provide broadband wireless internet connections wherever traditional ADSL, cable or satellite services are either unavailable or uncompetitive. Corporate Internet networks demand low-cost but highly-reliable equipment to provide “xDSL…

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High Speed Wireless Internet for South California

High Speed Wireless Internet for South California Corporate Internet Internet announced this week that it had successfully achieved the planned soft launch of its Metropolitan WiFi network, “Wireless SoCal”. Uptake on the network, which covers the central zone of South California with Wireless Internet access of up to 100Mb capacity, was nothing short of amazing as, within…

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Corporate Internet Partnership

Corporate Internet Partnership The community media publisher has sealed a commercial partnership with Corporate internet to help boost internet speeds and eradicate digital “not spots” which are holding back businesses and internet users across South California. Corporate Internet tackles slow internet speeds in rural areas by using church towers to beam high-speed broadband to homes, businesses and schools.…

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