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Air Fiber Microwave FAQs

How is the broadband service delivered?
We use our own radio network with multiple transmitters towers connected to our “Fiber Optic Backbone” network.. A radio on your roof will receive a signal from telecommunication towers.

How are the weather conditions affecting the internet connectivity?
Our microwave network operates on frequencies that usually are not affected by heavy rains, winds, snow or other extreme weather conditions, this gives you an advantage over satellite internet.

Can I have wireless around my building?
Yes, you can provide your own wireless router or we can supply one for a fee so you can roam around your building with a laptop, cellphone or tablet and access the internet.

Can I get cellphone coverage?
Corporate Internet broadband network has nothing to do with cellphone coverage.

How big is the rooftop radio dish?
It depends how far away you are from a transmitter. If you are within 5 Miles from the receiver is about 1 ft. If you are 20 Miles away, the dish is slightly bigger than a satellite television dish.

What do you mean by Line of Sight?
Our rooftop radio dish needs a 100% clear line of sight with no trees, hills or buildings blocking the signal path between the tower transmitter and the rooftop radio. If the signal travels over hills, they must be well below the signal path – we cannot skim over a obstruction to a transmitter behind it.

What is a Creative Install?
If you do not have clear line of sight to a transmitter, we can bounce a signal off a pump shed or other mains powered location and will quote the install costs for this.

How far away from a transmitter can I be?
We have successful connections up to 20 Miles from a transmitter site.

I have a satellite dish that we will be removing when we switch, can we use the same dish and cable?
Sorry no we cannot use them. Our rooftop radios are specially designed for our network, and the cable we use to bring the signal down into your house is CAT5 cable – not the coaxial cable typically used for satellite internet.

Can I paint the rooftop dish?
No you cannot paint it.

How fast is the service?
Its really hard to predict what speed you will get until its installed. We wont allow you to connect unless we can connect and setup our equipment to the double of the capacity you requested at your location.

If you are requesting 20 Mb x 20 Mb, our equipment needs to connect to our transmission tower to 40 Mb x 40 Mb for excess capacity.
However it is important to remember, we cannot guarantee speeds until its installed and tested. We deliver the data to you as fast as the radio network allows.

Can I use Skype, Voip or a VPN?

Can I get a public IP address?
Yes, we will provide you with one static ip address with your account, and you can always request additional IP addresses. This help when you need to run services on your network such as security cameras, email servers or anything that requires a port forward.

Can I move the antenna after it has been installed?
Not at all. We can move it for you and if you move it yourself, or have a builder / roofing contractor move it, there will be penalty fees involved. A mis-aligned radio on one subscriber’s roof can affect internet service so if you plan on renovating or replacing your roof, please call us first.

Is there a minimum contract length?
We offer month to month and from one year to tree years service contract. We believe in our service quality and there is no need to bond any customer to a long term contract if we offer outstanding services, if for any reason we are not able to deliver the services that fits your needs you are free to cancel at any time when you are on a month to month contract with 30 days cancellation notice.

Who owns the rooftop radio dish and other equipment?
Rooftop radio – We retain ownership and will collect this if you end your service. We retain the right to enter your property at a mutually agreed time to collect it.
Rooftop mast and cabling – This becomes your property once the installation has been paid for.
Router supplied by us – We will also collect the router if we supplied it at no charge unless you paid for it.

Accounting Timetable
You will receive an invoice for internet service at the start of the month.
This invoice will cover the base internet connection for the month that the invoice was issued in.
The invoice is due to be paid by by check or credit card, credit card or check by the 5th of the month that the invoice was issued in. If not paid by the 10th, service may be temporarily suspended when our system automatically generate a “soft disconnect” and your services will be interrupted until payment is made. After 10 more days a late fee will be added to your account.

How do I make a payment?

You can log in into your account from the top of our website and click on “I’m a customer” -> “My Account”.

From there you will be able to view invoices, make a payment, open a support ticket, view your service plan.

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